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Three Secret Reinforcement

The Three Secret Reinforcement is one of the most important teachings in the Black Hat Sect School of Feng Shui. It combines three very important concepts: The Body Secret, The Speech Secret, and the Mind Secret, which when performed together can raise the effectiveness of any blessing or cure.

Each time you place a feng shui cure, use the Three Secret Reinforcement  to further enhance your results. I’ll be honest with you, this part was a little confusing and a little uncomfortable for me at first, however I soon discovered that I was rewarded much more abundantly when I incorporated the Three Secrets. It’s worth the extra effort!

The Body Secret ~ This “secret” is in the form of a “hand mudra”, or “body gesture.” A mudra is a hand or body gesture that relies on the body to convey an unspoken message. Common mudras that we use frequently include a handshake, opening our arms to receive a hug, a wink to signal agreement.

In the Black Hat Sect School, a variety of mudras are used to convey a specific spiritual objective. Each mudra is used to emphasize a different intention.

Mind-Calming Mudra - This mudra is usually accompanied by the “Speech Secret Mantra,” – Heart Sutra, and is used to calm the mind and the heart, bringing serenity and balance back to a situation quickly. Place the left hand over the right with thumbs together.

Ousting Mudra - This mudra is usually accompanied by the “Speech Secret Mantra,” and is used to rid oneself or one’s home or office of unwanted issues, bad luck and obstacles. Use thumbs to “flick out” the two middle fingers. Women should use right hand and men should use left hand.

The Speech Secret ~ The Speech Secret is reciting a group of words that convey a certain intention or request. When said repeatedly through the power of the Speech Secret, they are called mantras. Words are very powerful, for they invoke feelings, convey messages and can heal or wound. Each mantra that is used in Black Hat Feng Shui emphasizes a different intention or objective. There are many different mantras used in Feng Shui, but the two most common are listed below.

These mantras are used in combination with the mudras above. Mantras are repeated nine times each or in multiples of nine, such as eighteen, twenty-seven, or thirty-six.

The Heart Sutra: Mind-Calming Mantra: GATÈ GATÈ BORO GATÈ BORO SUN GATÈ BODHI SO PO HE (Gatè is pronounced Gatay)

This mantra is usually accompanied by the Mind-Calming Mudra (Body Secret). Loosely translated it means – for our prayers, wishes, or intentions to be heard and granted quickly.

The Six Words Mantra: OM MA NI PAD ME HUM

This mantra is the most common and can be used with the Ousting Mudra (Body Secret). Loosely translated it means, “I bow to the jewel in the lotus blossom” or “I see the God within you and acknowledge and bow to that light.”

The Mind Secret ~ This secret is in the form of how we think and use the power of conscious intentions. It is the part of the Three Secret Reinforcement where you visualize the outcome of your prayers, requests, and wishes. As you position your hands in a mudra position and recite a mantra nine times, you should also visualize, in nine steps the positive results you desire to achieve. For instance, if you wanted to change your job, you could visualize:

1. looking in the classifieds
2. contacting the companies
3. scheduling the interview
4. meeting the interviewer and shaking hands
5. being hired on the spot
6. turning in your two week notice at the job you dislike
7. happily toasting to your new job with friends and family
8. your first day at the new job, with your own office
9. receiving your first paycheck, which is double your current salary

There really is no “exact way” to do this part of the visualization. Just trust your instincts and visually create nine segments of what you want to manifest. It may be confusing to do all three steps in the beginning. Take your time and relax.

Do the mudra (Body Secret) and the mantra (Speech Secret) together nine times, then, while your hands are still in a mudra, do the nine-part creative visualization. With practice you will be able to do them all at once. The more often you do the mudras and mantras, the stronger your personal Qiwill become and the more spiritual power you will have to help others and yourself make positive changes.

If you combine sincerity, along with your willingness to change, things will manifest themselves quickly and appropriately.